Will Buffett Buy More Stations? It's Likely

Eyebrows were raised yesterday when word came down that Warren Buffett was buying WPLG in Miami. 

Buffett's company Berkshire had been an investor in Washington Post Co. since the 1970s, with Buffett having served as a board member of the publishing and TV station conglom.

WPLG's parent company changed it's name to Graham Holdings  from the Washington Post Co. after it sold its flagship newspaper to Amazon mogul Jeff Bezos last year.

But, the big question is Warren Buffett going to stop at just one TV station?

It seems very unlikely that Buffett will own WPLG and no other TV properties. 

Could Buffett also make a play for the ABC O&O's? 

As FTVLive told you back in October of last year, Disney looked to hire an investment bank to explore a possible sale of its eight O&O's.

Could Warren Buffett be snatching them up?

WPLG and ABC affiliate would fit nicely in the portfolio of Buffett with the other ABC O&O stations. 

Stay tuned....