Nexstar Buys IBS for $20 Million

Nexstar Broadcasting has announced that it is purchasing Internet Broadcasting Systems for $20 million.

IBS is digital publishing company that mainly makes bloated websites for TV stations. 

Nexstar said it expects to close the deal later this month.

IBS clients include media companies such as Hearst Television and Post-Newsweek Stations, both of which have recently renewed their agreements with the company.

His the obligatory soundbite that says basically nothing. “IB’s leading digital publishing platform adds new IP and digital workflows to our digital platform offerings, allowing us to marry best-of-breed digital media practices from our current operations with those of IB to deliver more fully integrated digital management solutions to IB’s clients and our markets to generate new revenue across multiple digital platforms," said Tom O’Brien, Nexstar Broadcasting group executive vice president/digital media and chief revenue officer.