Howard Kurtz Doesn't Know Funny

Fox News Media Critic Howard Kurtz has proven over his career that he has trouble when it comes getting the facts right.

Today, he proves he doesn't know comedy either.

Writing about President Obama's web show appearance on “Funny or Die” with Zach Galifianakis, Howie writes that Obama died.

"He wasn’t funny," Kurtz writes.

Unfortunately for Howie, millions of people don't agree with him.

You see, the website Funny or Die let's the people watching the show instantly decide whether the show is "Funny" or "Die"? Over 90% of the millions of people that have watched Obama square off with Galifianakis have voted the show "Funny." This goes against what Howie Kurtz thinks.

Howie writes "Now some folks online found it funny, so maybe I’m in the wrong demo."


Kurtz finally got something right (there's a switch), yes Howard this was not geared for you. It was geared for a younger demo that looks to the web for their entertainment.

It was funny Howie and millions of people thought so.

Then again, this is what Howard Kurtz thinks is funny, so now I get why he didn't think the Funny or Die show wasn't funny.