Chelsea Handler Takes Piers Morgan to Task

As Piers Morgan wraps up his very low rated show on CNN, one of his guests has figured out why the plug is being pulled on Piers.

Chelsea Handler was a guest on Morgan's show and she was more than a little honest with the CNN host.

Morgan turned the topic to tweeting saying to Handler "you tweet very amusingly."

"I wish you did," Handler fired back

Knocking the host for his lack of focus, the author of the new book "Uganda Be Kidding Me" really lit into her fellow late-night colleague.

"You can't even pay attention for sixty seconds. You're a terrible interviewer," she said.

Attempting to defend himself, Morgan offered the following explanation:

"Well, you just weren't keeping my attention."

Handler, however, wasn't having it:

"That's not my problem ... this is your show. You have to pay attention to the guests that you invited on your show ... it doesn't matter how interesting I am. You signed up for this show," she insisted.

Morgan continued to suggest that it was the guests fault for not being interesting enough. At this point, Handler went where only she could go, unleashing a zinger that left an embarrassed Morgan speechless:

"Well, maybe that's why your job is coming to an end."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.