Orange vs. Square

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 10.43.09 AM.png

This morning ABC's Good Morning America took the wraps off something they are calling the "Social Square" or to appear much more hip it's the #socialsquare.

ABC describes it as "a groundbreaking new digital studio engaging viewers on a daily basis with the broadcast and social conversation."

In other words it sounds like NBC Today Show' s "Orange Room".

Both are nothing more than window dressing, a corner of the studio dressed up to look high tech.. 

Speaking of the #socialsquare GMA”‘s Senior Executive Producer Tom Cibrowski. “This will revolutionize how our show is produced in the morning and its all about engaging directly with our viewers from beginning to end.”

Really?!  It's going to revolutionize how the show is produced?

Of course it's not.

Word to the networks, you can access Facebook and Twitter without a special color room that is a certain shape.

Really you can.

This is just another example of networks and TV stations thinking the viewer is that dumb. 

Not that long ago, news crews would head out to the story in a live truck. Now they descend on the story in the "mobile newsroom"

A live hit from the Reporter in the newsroom no longer happens. They are now in the "content center" or some other stupid name. 

It's all just lipstick on a pig.

Even if the pig is orange and square.