CNN Hires NBC's Kosinski


Props to Jeff Zucker for making a good hire for once.

The cable net announced that they have hired Michelle Kosinski as their new White House correspondent.

Sam Feist, CNN senior vice president and Washington bureau chief announced that Kosinski will join senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta as CNN’s on-air team at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  

CNN says that Dana Bash and Pamela Brown have been given new responsibilities in Washington.  As previously announced, Brianna Keilar has been named senior political correspondent and Suzanne Malveaux returns to the nation’s capital as national correspondent.

“We have put together a powerhouse team of outstanding journalists whose reporting is second to none,” said Feist. “With Michelle, Dana, Pamela, Brianna and Suzanne, as well as our large roster of accomplished journalists, CNN is positioned to deliver the most in-depth, high caliber and informative political coverage anywhere.”