Chicago Reporter has New Perspective After Arrest


WBBM Investigative Reporter Dave Savini was arrested for DUI and Battery by police just outside Chicago.

Earlier this week he plead guilty and took responsibility for his actions. 

Now he has reached out to friends on his Facebook page, telling them he is returning to work and  that the entire incident has given him new perspective. 

Here's what he posted:

Thank you all for the support and prayers - I'm back to work on Monday doing what I do!!!!! HAPPY Friday my friends:) 

Just when you think you are strong you find you are not completely that rock you tried so hard to be for so long; a poor choice, a weak moment, a mistake -suddenly you find yourself on a wayward journey fighting with vigor and arduous strides to get back to that safe stone path you once walked. This is not a sprint back nor does it require a swagger in your step, rather it is a crawl guided by the humility of your flaws and fails. The victories you celebrate always seem to find fast company but it is without a doubt the falls you endure that lead to different paths and the discovery of genuine souls. If you are lucky a few loving hands may be there to guide and bear, or shoulder enough of the load to help you stay the course, help you breathe and maybe even laugh with you again when it is time.

This isn't just the age old lesson of learning from a mistake, this is about what has already been learned so it can be shared to pay the knowledge forward. 

This month I was given the gift of a new perspective. One that reaps the reward of humility, gratitude, faith and through the healing power of a sincere apology, I may have even found a little grace along the way. 

It is a journey not of deflection... it is one of introspection intertwined with the understanding that good friends are not found in the seemingly fun crashing waves that roll in and disappear- they are found in solid, tranquil, placid lakes of water.

I never fully knew the value or strength of such still waters until I met an unexpected storm. The Sun's light now breaks through and in its heat a new trail does now blaze . 

Thank You,