Have a Coke a Smile and some Commentary

If you believe the Internet (and who doesn't), the right wing is all upset over Coke's Super Bowl commercial. The spot showed pictures of a diverse America over the song "America the Beautiful" being sung in different languages.

WXIA (Atlanta) Anchor Brenda Wood took time out of the newscast to give her thoughts on the people that didn't like the commercial and how narrow minded they were.

She makes valid points and we agree with what she said. But, call us old school when we still say we didn't like it.

Having a News Anchor take time out of the newscast to give you her opinion does just doesn't seem right. Wood took to the air to stick up for a major corporation that sells a drink that many would say is bad for you.

But, this much is for sure, Coke got exactly what they wanted out of the spot. They created a controversy that people are talking. And they even got a news anchor to take 2:30 out of the newscast to talk about coke some more.

When did a TV newscast become talk radio?

Just asking....

Here's Wood sticking up for Atlanta based Coke on an Atlanta newscast: