Signing off in Lexington

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WDKY (Lexington) Anchor Jennifer Nime Palumbo says this Feb Book will her last.

Palumbo is ending her second stint as the co-anchor of the Fox 56 10 O'Clock News at the end of February.

The Herald Leader says that Palumbo, who co-anchored the early newscast from 1997 to 2004 and returned to the seat in 2009, said she made a lifestyle decision after years of missing her daughter and son's school events and bedtimes.

"Since 2009, my husband has put the children to bed every night and taken them to events, and he has been wonderful," says Palumbo, who is married to Joe Palumbo, president of Palumbo Lumber. "I want to be part of that.

"The 10 O'Clock News is a great job. It's a signature show, and Marvin Bartlett and all the people I work with are great. But this was not a hard decision to make."

WDKY general manager Ronna Corrente said, "She's been a great part of our success on the10 O'Clock News. But she just doesn't want to work nights anymore, and I get that."

Corrente said Palumbo was key to incorporating social media into news coverage and said that was an extension of her strong connection to viewers.

"Jennifer has the pulse of Central Kentucky," Corrente said. "She knows what's going on, and she knows how important it is to get information out there."