Someone Needs to be Fired!

KHQ in Spokane decided to give some idiot Facebook commentator a little bit more time in the sun.

Here's a screen shot of what the station posted:


Now if someone posted that one of their Anchor's looked like a two-bit whore, would KHQ have used that comment as a Facebook question?

KHQ's Facebook post has received over 700 comments — remarks that covered the spectrum from decrying the person who made the "monkey" comment to decrying KHQ for even posing the question. And of course there were plenty who joined in the racism.

For its part, KHQ defended its post in the Facebook comment thread after someone accused the station of "trying to fuel the 'race' war": "Really? You think we are fueling the race card? Do you have any idea how many racist comments we see on our Facebook threads every day? There are too many to count. Typically we just ignore them but we wanted to try and bring awareness to the issue by starting a positive discussion."

Jeff Hite, KHQ's assistant news director, adds: "We felt that the topic was a good conversation starter on Facebook, as opposed to our website (or on air). We do like to engage the audience in a thoughtful way."

So the station figured posting some racist's words was "thoughtful"?

How does that start a "thoughtful" conversation?

The bottom line is KHQ posted this question to drum up attention to their Facebook page and nothing more. 

How someone isn't fired over this is beyond us. 

H/T The Inlander