Leno Shows up on Arsenio Hall Show


Jay Leno is already back on He late-night TV, at least he was for one night. 

The NY Daily News says that in his first appearance on television since stepping down as host of "The Tonight Show," Jay Leno turned up on Wednesday’s edition of "The Arsenio Hall Show" to break the news that Hall's syndicated program had been renewed for a second season.

"We've known each other what, 35 years?" A casually dressed Leno asked Hall after sneaking up behind the "Coming to America" star during his monologue.

"Yup, you've been a big brother to me," Hall said. "You've given me too much advice sometimes."

Leno then pulled an envelope out of his pocket and read aloud that CBS Television Distribution, the company that produces the program, had renewed it for another year.

Hall, appeared to be at a loss for words, until Leno quipped, "He's more annoyed that I knew before he did."