One Man's Trash is...ummmm....still trash


FTVLive told you last week, the contents of two storage units in Philadelphia rented by former sports television anchor Don Tollefson will be put up for auction.

The local paper thought the bidding on the storage unit would be hotly contested.

It was not.

The two storage units and a Chevrolet Blazer belonging to former sportscaster were auctioned off yesterday for a total of $875.

 Tollefson has been charged with theft and other offenses for allegedly scamming dozens of people out of more than $100,000 meant for charity.

The storage contents and SUV were up for bid after the units went into delinquency when Tollefson failed to make payments for their rent. 

One storage unit sold for $175, the other for $600. The contents of each were sold as a unit; people couldn't bid on individual items.

Bidders got brief views of the lockers from outside; only the winners were later allowed inside to take a closer look and handle the items.

The first locker largely appeared to contain trash. It was packed with cardboard boxes and plastic bags, with broken glass covering the floor. An old jar of Progresso white clam sauce rolled on the ground.

The other had a plaque honoring Tollefson, lamps and other decorations and sports memorabilia, including hockey sticks, a large wooden "Sussex Cricket Club" sign and a box labeled "Cubs," among other items. 

The blue Blazer, which came without keys or paperwork and bore an old "press" sticker on its cracked windshield, sold for $100.

The auction attracted about 20 people. Most weren't impressed with Tollefson's belongings.

"It looked like a lot of dumpy stuff," one woman remarked after viewing the lockers.

"That's a lot of trash," another said.

"That guy was a hoarder!" a man exclaimed as he walked away from the units.