CNN Feb Ratings in Free Fall


CNN boss Jeff Zucker might be parting ways with Piers Morgan, but he needs to take a hard look at the rest of the prime time line up as well.

In the February cable ratings Piers isn't the only one to suck in the ratings.

Golden boy  Anderson Cooper's numbers dropped 47%, February to February, in overall audience, to average 421,000 viewers, and 46% in the news demo, to 127,000 news-demo viewers for the month.

Cooper's lead in Erin Burnett's Outfront tumbled 39% to post an average of 293,000 viewers in February, and slipped 32% in the news demo, to 100,000 viewers.

Morgan’s numbers were down 48% in viewers and 38% in demos. 

Zucker has said that he would be focusing on the prime schedule and after looking at these numbers, he might want to hurry up. 

H/T Deadline