CNN is Still Going to Let Ted Nugent come on the Network


Last Week, Rocker and Right Winger Ted Nugent was supposed to appear on CNN and Erin Burnett's Outfront.

Hours before he was scheduled to be on the show, he took a shot at President Obama and compared CNN to Nazi “propaganda”and accused Wolf Blitzer of failing as a journalist.

A short time after the comments and before he was set to be on Outfront, Nugent cancelled saying he was "sick."

No one inside or outside CNN believed him.

You would think after the guy trashed the network, the star Anchor and stiffed another show, that CNN would tell old Ted that he was no longer welcome.

But, CNN is starved for any ratings it can get and they must figure that Nugent can bring some viewers to the struggling cable "we used to do news" channel. 

So, Nugent is set once agin to be Erin Burnett's guest on "out front" at 7PM tonight.

Wolf Blitzer should stop by challenge him to a mud wrestling match after the show.

That's one time I would watch CNN.

Stay tuned....