Letterman Trying to Land Leno


Word is that David Letterman is trying to get Jay Leno to come on his show to steal some of Jimmy Fallon's thunder.

“There’s been quiet talk behind the scenes for months that Dave will have Jay Leno on as a guest,” one insider said. “(Letterman’s) producers waited until Fallon debuted (on ‘Tonight’), give him space out of respect, but are now ready to pull out all the stops.”

Leno and Letterman were once close pals who had a famous falling out when Leno won the coveted “Tonight Show” hosting spot. But the rivals recently had a 20 minute phone chat to smooth over any lingering anger, the source said.

Letterman initiated the call in hopes of burying the hatchet after Leno, not him, was tapped in 1992 by NBC to succeed Johnny Carson — a feud so monumental, it was turned into the book and movie “The Late Shift.”

Letterman ended up with CBS’ “Late Show” and fought Leno in the ratings for two decades.

H/T NY Daily News