Hannity Caught with his Hand in the Tea Pot (Updated)

Hannity 415.jpg

Fox News Anchor Sean Hannity has been caught with his hand in the tea pot.

HuffPo writes that Hannity solicited donations for the Tea Party Patriots in a fundraising email sent Wednesday morning by the conservative organization.

"Please make a generous contribution of $15, $25, $50, or whatever you can afford toTea Party Patriots' 5 Years for Freedom $1.2 million-dollar money bomb," Hannity wrote, noting that Feb. 27 is the fifth anniversary of the tea party movement.

It's no secret that Hannity's a conservative tea party supporter who offers political opinions each day on Fox News and on the radio. And Fox News has heavily promoted the tea party movement from its inception.

But Fox News in the past has drawn a line between a host expressing support for a political group or cause and actively helping to raise money on a group's behalf -- and on at least one occasion has specifically maintained that distinction for Hannity and the tea party movement.

In 2010, network executives ordered Hannity to return to New York after learning he'd been slated to star at a Cincinnati tea party fundraiser that would have aired on his primetime show.

A Fox News spokeswoman did not immediately respond with comment on the network's current policy regarding hosts' participation in political fundraising efforts.

Updated: It should be noted that that Hannity's Tea party Patriots is purely with his radio show and nothing to do with FNC and his TV show.