Today Beats GMA for First Time in Almost 2 Years


It's a win that comes with an asterisk, but for the first time in nearly two years "Today" has finally beaten "Good Morning America" for a full week in the ratings.

Today is getting a huge boost from the Sochi Olympics and as everyone expected has passed GMA in both the total viewer and the demos last week.

That's the first time "Today" has been able to do that since the week of August 6th, 2012 — which just happens to be the last time the Olympics were on TV.

The margins of victory were relatively slim—"Today" beat "GMA" by 4 percent in the total viewer category and 8 percent in the demo—but Matt Lauer and company will take the victory. At the very least, it assures "Today" that there is no chance it will trail "GMA" in the ratings for 16 straight years, as "GMA" did before beating "Today" in 2012.

H/T HuffPo