Lame Exclusive


TV stations love to call stories Exclusive, especially during ratings books.

One of the lamest "exclusives" is when they are covering a story about one of their own and label it as "exclusive."

You know, it's like "our Anchor Jill Fluffy is going into rehab and she talks about it exclusively with news channel, action news coverage you can count on sky 5."

But there is one other "exclusive" that is lamer than that. It's where someone else does the work and your station claims it as "exclusive".

Last night, WTVL First Coast News in Jacksonville claimed to have an "exclusive" interview with "loud music" shooter Michael Dunn's daughter. 

The problem was, WTLV never interviewed her, it was done by ABC News and WTLV just picked the interview off the feed and slapped an "exclusive" label on it. 

It was a lame move by a station trying to grab some credit for something they didn't even do. 

Across the street, new WTEV News Director Bob Longo called WTLV out on Twitter.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 6.10.10 PM.png

We have to agree with Bob on this one. 

It was bush league move by Jacksonville's so called news leader.