Take 2...This time with Sibila

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Jimmy Fallon kicks off his reign toning as the host of the new Tonight Show.

WNBC Anchor Chuck Scarborough had to reshoot the ­station's promos for the new “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” after his co-anchor was replaced earlier this month.

The promo showing Chuck playing a mini-keyboard with Fallon and Shiba Russell had to be reshot when Russell was replaced with Sibila Vargas.

Page Six says the two women are said to detest each other and complain to management about makeup-room time.

“Schedule changes routinely take place,” a WNBC spokeswoman told me. “Everybody gets along fine.”

Sue Simmons must be laughing in Greenwich, Conn. That’s where the classy newswoman retired in 2012, after 32 years by Scarborough’s side, when her contract wasn’t renewed. That year, she told Joy Behar on “The View” that she “cried every day” after being let go.