From Houston to SoFlo


 Weekend Anchor Irika Sargent will sign off from KPRC in Houston and head to WFOR in Miami.  She will partner with former Fox News Anchor Rick Folbaum to co-anchor the station’s weekday early evening and 11 p.m. newscasts.

“We are excited to welcome Irika Sargent to CBS4,” said WFOR GM Adam Levy. “Irika will be another key addition to the talented and experienced news team we have here and we look forward to having her partner with Rick, starting in May."

The odd Anchor out is Cynthia Demos. Sargent will replace Demos who obviously did not help pull enough demos.

GM Levy still gave her a shoutout in the press realize which I'm sure made her demotion feel so much better. "We are also fortunate to have Cynthia Demos, a consummate pro who does a great job of handling every assignment that she is given, on our team. Cynthia has given us an experienced and steady hand at the anchor desk during our evening newscasts the past several months and we look forward to having her continue to be a key contributor to our success,” Levy said.