Comcast Says they Plan on Keeping NY1


When word came down that Comcast was going to gobble up Time Warner Cable, chills wear felt in the NY1 newsroom.

The NYC cable news station is a fixture for Time Warner customers.

The popular morning newscast with Anchor Pat Kiernan sitting on the anchor desk and reading the morning papers is part of NY's pop culture.

Comcast says they are not planning on pulling the plug on NY1....yet.

"It seems like the Time Warner Cable acquisition will be a good deal for New York,” Senator Charles Schummer said in a statement issued after he spoke to Comcast officials Thursday.

“they ... confirmed they are going to keep NY1; It seems that local jobs, as well as Pat's ‘In the Papers’ segment, are not in danger."

Of course anyone that believes a politician or a cable company needs to get their head examined.

So, in other words,,,,Stay tuned.