Weatherman says Sorry for Hyping Storm that Never Happened


KATV Weather Anchor Todd Yokoubian must have got caught up in the sweeps hype when he predicted that Little Rock would be hit with a big Winter storm 

It didn't happen. 

Now Yokoubian has taken to Facebook to say he was sorry and that he's learned his lesson (till next time).

He wrote:

"I don't think anyone takes it as bad as I do when it comes to busting a forecast. I'm very sorry.

For the longest time, there really appeared to be a winter weather threat, but the first clue nothing would materialize happened last Sunday night. I remember seeing the afternoon and evening model runs really cut back on the precipitation and that's when I should have bailed on the snow forecast. I said it was one of the toughest forecasts I had to put together. Anyway, thanks all of you for coming to my facebook page for information along the way. Lessons learned this week will be remembered in the future."