O-Town Station Looks at Reporter's Future, Not Her Past


FTVLive told you a couple of days ago that WFTV in Orlando had hired former NBC Reporter Chris Hansen's mistress, Kristyn Caddel.

Caddell's personal life also made headlines when the National Enquirer in 2011 revealed that she was having an affair with the married  Hansen of "Dateline NBC" and "To Catch a Predator" fame.

In a letter to the National Enquirer last year, Caddell wrote, "Our affair has essentially destroyed my professional career." She complained to RadarOnline last year of a double standard in news because she couldn't find a job while her former lover continued to work. Yet NBC didn't renew his contract last year.

As for WFTV, the station sees potential in Caddell and is interested in her future, not her past.

"Kristyn started with us as a freelance reporter," WFTV General Manager Shawn Bartelt said Tuesday. "The quality of her work was excellent. We hired her full time. She is a very hard-working reporter, digging up local stories that make a difference in our community."

H/T Orlando Sentinel