Chris Hansen's Former Mistress Hired at O-Town Station


Sheeeeee's back in the Sunshine State.

Former WPTV (West Palm Beach)  Reporter Kristyn Caddell  as landed a job at WFTV in Orlando.

Caddell made gossip news a few times and it had nothing to do with her reporting.  

The first time, in 2011, she worked for the West Palm Beach NBC affiliate when she was outed by the National Enquirer as the secret lover of the married Dateline: NBC star Chris Hansen.

And the second time was in July, when she bitterly complained to Radaronline of the double standards in television!

Her theory: She got the short end of the stick in the news biz because she’s a woman!

Caddell, who was quietly let go by WPTV in the wake of the scandal, was hired by stations in Seattle and Las Vegas in 2012 and 2013.

But both stations dismissed her after word spread in those communities that Caddell was the “other woman” in the Hansen saga.

With tears streaming down her face, she whined during her sit down with Radaronline about being jobless while Hansen, whose controversial Dateline segments involved his catching alleged sex predators lurking online, was still working at Dateline.

She even provided selfies of Hansen making out with her in a West Palm Beach bar.

As of today, however, things are very different: Caddell is working for O Town’s ABC affiliate — and Hansen was canned by NBC a months after her interview. He hasn’t been heard from since.

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