KSTP Owner Stands by Station's Racist Report

Back during November ratings, last place KSTP tried to drum up some ratings by claiming that the Minneapolis Mayor was throwing down gang signs in a picture. 

The story didn't go over too well and the station was called out for their racist report.

But, instead of backing off, the station doubled down and continued to try and justify what can only be called their awful reporting.

Now, KSTP owner Stanley Hubbard is taking it up a notch and standing by his low rated station. 

Hubbard penned a five-page letter defending his station's reporting of the story. 

The Minnesota Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (MNSPJ) said the news report, dubbed #pointergate on Twitter and mocked nationwide, was deeply flawed and called for the station to apologize to the Mayor. 

Hubbard responded with the rebuttal letter in which he said MNSPJ should have investigated the situation more thoroughly before criticizing the news station.

"We do not make editorial decisions based upon popular opinion, Twitter trends or potential social media backlash. We recognize our obligation to our community to report the news responsibly, and that's what we did," Hubbard wrote.

Hubbard took up 5 pages to basically say that he stands by the station's story and that everyone on the Internet are idiots. 

H/T Minneapolis Business Journal