Anchor to Ring Bell for 24 Hours

Sweeps might be over, but the stunts just keep on coming. 

WQAD (Quad Cities) Anchor Jason Fechner started ringing a bell for the Salvation Army at 6AM this morning, he won't stop until 6AM tomorrow.

Fechner is used to doing marathon sessions, he kayaked for 12 straight hours for cancer research. He has run hundreds of miles for local causes, danced and sang for cures, and waited tables for nearly every nonprofit on the local map.  

Now he'll ring the bell.

"I did some Salvation Army bell-ringing recently for one hour, and the lady I relieved at 11 a.m., was still out there ringing when I drove past the store at 7 p.m.,'' said Fechner. "I thought about the commitment she was making and the hours she was out there and thought about ringing 12 hours. I had already kayaked 12 hours, which was hard by the way. The next logical step was 24 hours.''


Ummmm ok?

H/T QCOnline