Jeff Zucker Wants Robin Meade in New York

Yesterday, HLN in Atlanta had an all hand on deck meeting that was headed by Albie Hecht, but the real big guy, Jeff Zucker was there as well.

The two tried to explain to the staff that HLN is not for sale. Although, HLN was this/close to being sold to Vice Media earlier this year.

According to insiders, most of the meeting was bullshit, with a bunch of stuff said that "no one believes."

Zucker did a Q&A with staffers for about 45 minutes and pointed out the fact that HLN's Morning Express does better than New Day, with a lot less resources.

According to CNN Commentary, Zucker then said, “There’s nobody better in morning TV than Robin Meade.” Not sure how the Anchors at New Day are going to take that statement?

What wasn't said in the meeting and has not been talked about is that Jeff Zucker has offered Robin Meade basically a blank check to come to New York.

Sources say that Zucker wants Meade to join New Day and save the show from failure. Before CNN revamped the morning show, FTVLive suggested to Zucker that he should move Meade over to CNN. Now, it appears that Jeff Zucker is realizing that our suggestion was a good one. 

The problem is that Meade does not want to move from Atlanta and she has firmly planted her heals in the A-T-L.

Her singing career has taken off and to be honest, Meade could leave TV news altogether and be fine. Next week, Meade is being showcased a Vegas casino for 10 days. 

That has not stopped Zucker from doing all he can to bring Meade to the Big Apple.

Stay tuned....