What Holiday Week?

While many of you have had the Holiday week off to enjoy it with your family, FTVLive has been toiling away here in the World HQ breaking stories.

In a Holiday Week, FTVLive broke the World Exclusive that Alisyn Camerota will be replacing Kate Bolduan early in the new year on CNN's New Day. Others are still struggling to confirm FTVLive's report. But you guys all know, if we report it, you can bank on it. 

FTVLive was also FIRST to report that the Gannett station's were dropping CNN NewSource at the end of the year.  

FTVLive was way out in front again, as the FIRST to report about the firings and suspensions at Sinclair's flagship station WBFF in Baltimore. 

Most of the other guys are taking off or phoning it in over the Christmas break. FTVLive continues to dish you the scoop no matter what. 


Because we are coverage you can count on, working for you and live, local and late breaking. 

You're welcome.