Thanks Guys for a Great Year!

As 2014 wrap up, FTVLive has to send out two huge "Thank You's."

First we have to thank the FTVLive sponsors that help keep the lights on and the servers running here at the World HQ. The sponsors took a chance on stepping up and supporting this site when we decided to bring it from behind the paywall. It worked out better than even we thought it would.

FTVLive has grown every month since we went free 2 years ago. This year traffic is up by over 2 million visits compared to last year. It was been an awesome ride and one that I could have never done without the best companies in and around TV news supporting FTVLive.

Second, I have to thank all of you guys that stop by each day to read the site. Many of you have emailed saying that you check FTVLive 10 times a day or more. You tell us that you appreciate a site that does not play favorites and tells it to you straight.

You guys are awesome for sharing about FTVLive on social media and telling your friends, family and co-workers about the one person website that people call a "absolute must read" each and every day.

I really can't get over how great you guys are and I hope nothing but the best for each one of you in 2015.

Before I start to cry let me just stop and say, THANKS and have a Happy New Year!

Let's hope 2015 is even better than this past year.

Peace Out!