Best and Worst of TV News 2014: TV News Website

This was the one landslide in the best and worst poll.

The Best:

It a landslide victory for best TV website of 2014, walked away with the top prize. A site that breaks news, many times months before the others and is not in bed with any of the TV stations and networks.

The competition is jealous of FTVLive's success and ability to break the big stories time and time again.

"I can't believe you guys picked my site as the best," said FTVLive Founder Scott Jones to FTVLive. "I'm humbled and honored," Jones said.

While other sites wait for the press release from the station or network, it's a good bet that FTVLive broke the story weeks before the release was even sent out.

The Worst:

The site that swipes FTVLive's stories on almost a daily basis (yes there is more than one website that does it, but we're talking about THAT one).

We won't even name the website, but judging by all the emails we get from you guys, you all know which site it is.

The site owner spends more time trying to figure out how FTVLive gets the big stories first, than trying to break stories for themselves. 

The jealousy of the site's owner towards FTVLive runs very very high.

Just saying....