Best and Worst of TV News 2014: Station Ownership Group

This was a tough one to find a winner and loser in.

The Best:


It was close between Cox and Gannett, but we still can remember when Gannett was furloughing staff when times were tough and not really making it up to the staff when times got good again.

So the winner for 2014 is Cox.

Cox is a solid group that focuses on doing TV news without the fluff and that alone moves them up the list. If there is one drawback to Cox, is the company is almost choked with research. I mean they won't change the paint color in the men's room without running it by a focus group.

But Cox does a lot of things right and that lands them at the top of the list.

The Worst:

With Granite now gone we have a new group taking up residence in the basement. Welcome to the bottom Nexstar.

I could go on and on why Nexstar comes in at the bottom, but let's be honest, you all know why.

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