Armed Suspect in Stand Off with Cops calls Twin Cities Newsroom

An interesting day in one Minneapolis newsroom.

A man that had taken a woman hostage called the KMSP Assignment Desk after she was in an apartment building with a man with a gun and a pissed off attitude.  

She hung up, but then the suspect called back, "We got a real live hostage situation, here is what's happening, not a hostage, but a standoff," the suspect, Eugene Boos, 42, told the station  over the phone.

"I'm a 20-year convict, and I'm a f****** criminal, and that's all I know. You know what? You ain't done your research on me,  because I'm an honorable man, and my word is everything to me. If I'm telling you that I'm willing to move out of the way, you better believe it," he told police.

Toward the end of the call -- shortly after 2 p.m. -- shots rang out, and the suspect claimed he had been shot in the hand by police as the woman screamed.

Here's the story from KMSP