FTVLive is Alone on EXCLUSIVE Island

One week ago, on December 23rd, FTVLive reported FIRST and EXCLUSIVELY that Alisyn Camerota will be replacing Kate Bolduan early in the new year on CNN's New Day.

Camerota has been filing in on New Day since Bolduan left on maternity leave and she is now getting the job full time.

In Early 2015, the show will use Cuomo, Camerota and news reader Michaela Pereira as the main Anchors of New Day. The decision has been made and CNN was expected to announce the change just after the New Year.

As for Bolduan? Sources tell FTVLive that it is likely that she will be given her own show later in the day, but the show and the time slot are still being decided. 

Since FTVLive FIRST reported the story, several media critics and websites have been doing everything they can to confirm FTVLive's story. But, none of them have been able to do it.

So, FTVLive sits out on an island with our exclusive story and when what we reported happens (and it will happen) everyone will rush to report a story that all of you saw on FTVLive weeks ago.

Stay tuned....