Best and Worst of TV News 2014: TV News People on Twitter

We kick of FTVLive's Best and Worst of TV News 2014 with a look at Twitter. We are going to to tell you who is a great follow and who isn't worth the click.

The Best: 

Gary Vosot - @GaryVosot

This parody account of a TV News Reporter is a must follow. Gary might be funny with his tweets, but what makes them funny is just how true they are.

The best is when Mr. Vosot gets on a roll giving TV newsies tips about the business.

If you aren't following Gary Vosot...what the hell is wrong with you?

The Worst:

Brian Williams - @BWilliams

BrWi has been on Twitter since August of 2010 and has tweeted exactly zero times.

The NBC Anchor doesn't get or doesn't want to get social media and even though he has never sent a single tweet, BriWi has over 200 thousand followers on Twitter.


Log on next hour when we tell you who has the best and worst news set in the business.