Best and Worst of TV News 2014: Station PR Person

I know you all know who is the worst when it comes to PR people at a TV station. To be honest, FTVLive doesn't not deal with many station's PR people. Let's face it most of them are going to lie or tell you half truths and they are all going to try and spin the story to their favor.

While other websites live and die by the press release, FTVLive likes to use our sources on the inside to get the real story. But, sometimes we have to deal with the PR folks and here is the best and the worst.

The Best:

Dana Klinghoffer - Fox News

There is no doubt that FTVLive is critical of Fox News, especially when it comes to their biggest on air idiot Howard Kurtz. But, no matter what we write about FNC, good or bad, Fox News PR person Dana Klinghoffer is always available to answer our questions.

Dana does her job well and gives us the facts we need without trying to spin the story so much. Yes, her job is to get good pub for Fox News, but she is fair with us every time we call. 

There is no doubt that Dana is not always happy with what FTVLive has to write about Fox News, but she stays professional and is a pleasure to deal with.

And really, that is all you can ask for.

The Worst: 

Terri Hernandez Rosales - KNBC

Back in October of 2013, Terri Hernandez Rosales promised to callback FTVLive in just 2 minutes. Here we are over a year later and we have yet to receive that call.

Unprofessional is all we can say.

Next hour we tell you the best and worst TV markets to work in.