Reporter Rages at BestBuy on Twitter

Dealing with a store like Best Buy can be frustrating, believe me I know. 

KSPR (Springfield, MO) Reporter Melody Pettit went to her local Best Buy to buy a TV that she had her eyes on. But, the TV she had picked out was nowhere to be found and according to her, they would not honor the advertised price. 

So, Pettit took to Twitter to rage against the store making sure to tag @BestBy in each post so it would be seen by the company's customer service. 

She tweeted time and time again and then pulled out the grandaddy of all TV people's powers:

Ummmm...although she played the "do you know who I am?" card in a sly way, she still played it by tagging Best Buy in the tweet. 

But, it didn't seem to work, she never got her TV.

Not sure how KSPR's Sales Manager feels about a station Reporter using her main account to rage against a big time advertiser?

But, we're guessing the SM will not be buying her a Christmas gift. 

Just saying....