The 8 Best and Worst People in TV News in 2014 - No. 2

We are almost at the top of the list as we move to No. 2 on the Top 8 people in TV news for 2014.

The Best:

FTVLive Readers - All over the World

I am still blown away how great the people are that read this website. I get emails everyday from people saying how much they enjoy FTVLive and how they feel we are the only true independent website that tells it like it is. 

I'm also shocked at how many people read FTVLive that are not in the business at all. Viewers seem to enjoy this site as much as people inside the TV game.

But... what is best is how you guys support the site. People donate to this site to help keep the servers running and it blows me away how cool they are. Assignment Editors and Photographers in small markets that can't be making much more than $15,000 a year, still find it in their hearts to send a few bucks our way. Network VP's send us hundreds of dollars at a time. When my computer was on its last legs, FTVLive readers pitched in and help buy us a new one. Again everyone from small market people to Network Anchors help give us get a new iMac that should keep FTVLive online for the next 5 years +.

You guys really are the best and that's why you deserve to be on this list. 

Thanks for everything.

The Worst: 

Don Lemon - CNN

I know that many of you were betting the house that Don Lemon would come in at the top of the list and he almost did. But, Lemon lands in the No. 2 spot.....but there  is no question No. 1 when it comes to bad reporting.

Don Lemon gives TV reporting a bad name and it trickles down to every TV Reporter working in news Today. When Lemon pulls off one of his bone headed stunts it makes him look bad, but gives the entire industry a black eye.

CNN's Jeff Zucker loves the fact that Lemon creates controversy and doesn't seem to care that people are laughing at him. If Don Lemon pulls these antics anywhere else but CNN, he would clearly be fired. 

Just saying.....

Log on next hour to see who tops the list of the best and worst for 2014.