Like We Said....


FTVLive told you that back on October 6th, that the entire news staff at WMGM in Atlantic City was going to get the boot at year's end and that is exactly what is happening.

Speaking of the station employees, the Philly Inquirer writes, starting midnight on Wednesday, though, they will be history as personalities on NBC40 when the station fades to black - a victim not of the cratering Atlantic City casino economy but broader forces in the TV and telecom industries.

Comcast Corp.-owned NBCUniversal has pulled the station's NBC affiliation so it can consolidate viewership in the regional TV market under NBC10 in Philadelphia.

NBC40 and NBC10 existed symbiotically for decades by sharing news-gathering resources. But NBCUniversal ultimately considered NBC40 a "duplicate" in the Philly TV market, an NBCUniversal spokeswoman said.

NBC40's relatively new owner, LocusPoint Networks of California, is expected to sell the TV station's valuable wireless spectrum at a government-managed auction, possibly in 2016. The company describes itself on its website as an "early-stage wireless communications company."