The 8 Best and Worst people in TV News - No. 7

Time to see who comes in at No. 7 on our list of the best and worst people in TV news for 2014.

The Best:

Kristine Johnson - Anchor WCBS

WCBS Anchor Kristine Johnson comes it at No. 7 on our list. Johnson not only anchors the main newscasts in the number 1 market, but in between anchoring and being a Mom, she also took on the New York City Marathon for a good cause.

Johnson squeezed training into her busy schedule and then ran the race. Although it did not go as she planned, she was determined to finish what she started and that determination helped land her on FTVLive's best list.

The Worst:

AJ Clemente - Bartender

Wasn't he taking the summer off and then going to land a job via is agent at ESPN or some other top network by the start of the Fall?

Here we are in Winter and damn near a new year and we haven't heard a thing.

His agent must still be sifting through multiple offers. 

Check back next hour to see who comes in at No. 6 on our list.