The 8 Best and Worst People in TV News in 2014

Time for another Top 8 countdown from!

Today we will be counting down the Top 8 Best and worst people in TV news for 2014.

The best are people that you would love to have as your employee, boss, co-worker, friend. The worst are people you more than likely do not want as any of those.

Each hour FTVLive will post the best and the worst, starting at No. 8 at 9AM and working our way down to the best of the best and the worst of the worst.

FTVLive reached out to a number of TV newsies and executives to make up our list. There is no question that it is subjective and as always, please no wagering.

Check back next hour to see who is No. 8 on our lest for the best and worst persons in TV news for 2014.