Top 8 Social Media Fails - No. 5

What would be a social media fail list be without and entry from Geraldo Rivera.

Geraldo still tops the all time list with his naked selfie that he posted in 2013. Last year, Geraldo dialed it back a bit and thankfully put his clothes back on.

This year, Geraldo's wife and daughter got into an accident and it gave Geraldo another chance to take a selfie. Because only Geraldo would take a selfie at a car crash. 

Rivera's wife Erica and daughter Sol were involved in a fender bender:

Not sure why the out of state thing mattered, but Geraldo wasn't done just yet. He had to tweet a picture of himself and the cops that worked the accident scene.

Lot of cops for a fender bender.

Here is how the story first appeared on

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