Top 8 Social Media Fails - No. 1

Well folks we have made it to number 1 on our list of Top 8 social media fails in TV news in 2014.

You have to figure the top fail will somehow involve the state of FloriDUH and it does. We head down to O-Town for No. 1 and WOFL. 

Reporter Jackie Orozco posted a selfie to her Instagram account from the scene of a double homicide. Orozco and a station Photographer were all smiles as the police where investigating the 2 murders. 

Orozco posted the smiling selfie and wrote, "So why are we smiling in front of a crime scene? Because we work in TV News and it's my Friday!"

As bad as the social media fails in 2014, this seemed to be the worst of the worst.

Congrats Jackie you top the list.

Here is the original story that appeared on FTVLive.

Check back next year as we are sure the social media fails are not going to stop anytime soon.