The Top 8 Social Media Fails in TV News

There is no doubt that TV stations haven't quite figured out how to use social media.  It still amazes us that you hire an EP for your morning show, an EP for your evening newscasts and EP for late news.

Yet station's don't hire an EP to oversee their social media accounts.

In fact it is more than likely that the person doing your station's social media account is just out of school and is using that job as an entry level job to get in the business. We would bet that the social media person at a TV station is one of the lowest paid people in the newsroom.

Stations need to have a manager in that role, someone that understands social media and can keep the station on point. We can assure you, down the line stations will finally get it and you will see EP's for the social media accounts and the person will be paid more than peanuts.

But until that time, stations or tv news employees will screw up on social media and that is the good news for FTVLive.

Today, each hour on the hour for the next 8 hours (you still following me?), FTVLive will post the Top 8 social media fails for 2014.

Tune in next hour as the countdown starts.