Tampa Station Hires New News Boss

Back on October 17th, FTVLive told you that WFTS News Director Bill McFarland and Assistant News Director Michele Murray were both canned at the Scripps Tampa station. 

FTVLive told you at the time that KSHB (Kansas City) Assistant News Director Matt Brown was being brought in to act as interim News Director while station searches for replacement.

Well the search is over and Brown is the interim no more. 

The Scripps station has finally named Matt Brown as the new News Director. 

“Matt has recently been the interim News Director here at ABC Action News. He has already made a great impact on the recent success of the station,” said Vice President and General Manager Nick Nicholson. “I am confident his leadership abilities will help ABC Action News continue to be the best choice for local news in the bay area."

“I’m impressed with a station so committed to quality, local journalism and excited to lead such a passionate and talented group of journalists serving our Bay area audience each and every day,” said Brown.

Seriously.....do people really talk like that?