Explosion at Orlando Anchor's Home

Former WESH (Orlando) Anchor Martha Sugalski is sitting out a one year non-compete before she heads across the street to WFTV.

And while she isn't anchoring right now, the news is still coming to her.

Sugalski was hosting a Christmas party at her home, when explosion shook the house.

A gas leak sent fire coming out of a fireplace in the living room.

The blast devastated her triplets' nursery, but luckily no one was injured.

"All that matters is the babies," Sugalski said Tuesday afternoon. "We had guardian angels, thank God. What a way to start a party."

And they did go ahead with the party, the former anchor told the Orlando Sentinel.

"The fire department said the house was safe," she said. "My husband had planned the party for months. We had Santa, carolers and the doctor who delivered the babies. Are you going to say no to Santa?"

Although she refuses to comment on where she is headed, Sugalski starts at WFTV on August 6th of next year.