Christmas Eve, the Day Newscasts Lie to Viewers

Christmas Eve is the one day that almost every station with a news department lies to the viewers.

It will usually start to happening in the evening newscasts and by the late news, everyone is in. 

Just wait till the Anchors turn to the Weather person and they start talking about Santa. "It's nasty out there Bob, is Santa going to be able to make it tonight?" Or some other lame question that involves the local weather.

At that point the Weather Anchor will tell you where Santa is using the NORAD tracker or some other thing he/she has come up with.

After the weather segment the commercial break will run with a likely promo about how "WBIG News is the most trusted and honest station news organization in the valley."

Then it will be back for sports, another break and then return for a last look at where Santa is right now?

So much for trusted and honest.

Just saying....