Anchor Charged with Scam Seeks Free Lawyer

Former Philly Sports Anchor Don Tollefson is charged with scamming a number of people out of thousands of dollars. He plead guilty

Yesterday, Tollefson called reporters to a corner near his apartment, he said, to offer a more in-depth explanation for his about-face in a Bucks County courtroom last week.

When Reporters got there, Tollefson did not have much to say about his case, other than he is now looking for a lawyer that will defend him for free and that he had some new evidence in the case. He refused to say what that evidence was.

Instead, the former Sports Anchor holding a bible in one hand spoke for 20 minutes plus praising a scientific journal on alcoholism, first responders for their work with overdoses, and a local church for helping him find strength.

Tollefson also described then what he said were a series of other life changes since he decided to plead guilty, including a rededication to Christian faith. He said he had sought spiritual counseling and has "prayed considerably on this matter."

Speaking to reporters on Monday, he said he planned to sell his sports and civil rights movement-era memorabilia to raise money for his alleged victims.

"I have every intention of paying back everyone who has a legitimate claim against me," he said.

So in other words, his press conference was really just a waste of time.

But hey, it's a Holiday week, so it's not like there was any real news to cover.

H/T Philly Inquirer