Fox News Falls Off the Dish

Fox News and Fox Business went dark on the DISH Network after the two sides have gotten into a retransmission pissing match. It will eventually end with both stations back on Dish and neither side saying how much Fox will be getting from DISH to broadcast their signal.

Of course in the end the customer's bill will go up and the two companies will enjoy having your extra money. 

Fox claims that DISH is lying to their Customers about how the Fox signals dropped from the satellite provider. 

“It’s been a rough couple of days,” said Fox suit Tim Carry “They pulled our signals. We were surprised by that and then again when they went out on their website and told their customers that we took [the signals] down. They lied to their customers.” 

Fox claims there has been a barrage of reactions and posts on Dish’s and Fox’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

They say that from 7 a.m. through noon, there had been 12,404 calls to the 888-Fox-News number, with nearly 7,100 transferred to Dish, presumably with customers intent on switching providers. 

H/T MultiChannel