Buffalo Station Tries to Defend holding Police Beating Video

If you are the dog last place station and you want to move up in the ratings, you need to start doing things right.

Back on December 12th, FTVLive told you that a Photographer for WKBW recorded video of a Buffalo Police Officer beating a man in a popular bar district on Thanksgiving Day.

But is wasn't until almost two weeks later that the station finally got around to airing the video that shows officer Corey Krug on video slamming a man onto the hood of a car, pushing him to the pavement and beating him over and over with a nightstick. The man was told to just walk away and was not arrested.

In our Dec. 12th story, FTVLive asked "No word why WKBW held the video for two weeks before airing it?" 

Now, WKBW GM Mike Nurse gives his excuse as to why the station held the video. "The incident occurred right before Thanksgiving, and after management returned we took additional time to conduct further research and to investigate the identity of the officer on the video,” Nurse said in a text message to the Buffalo News. “We also wanted to give the police time to address the situation.”

Two things, first you mean to say, you Photog gets video of a Cop beating a guy and no one from management wanted to come into the station from their holiday weekend to look at it? 

Also, if this was Joe Schmo beating some guy in a parking lot, would you wait to air to video, to give Joe some time "to address the situation"?

And yet the station wonders why they can't get viewers to watch them?