The Internal Memo sent to Tribune News Directors from Katherine Green

FTVLive FIRST Reported the news yesterday (don't worry, the other guys should get to it story next week) that Tribune Senior VP on News, Katherine Green was leaving the job after just 7 months.

Green confirmed the news to FTVLive last night.

Here is the internal memo obtained by FTVLive that Green sent to the News Directors at the Tribune stations:

From: "Green, Katherine M"
To: NewsND 
Subject: My departure
Date: December 19, 2014 at 1:45:35 PM PST

I had hoped to tell you this earlier this week….  

Sometimes professional priorities collide with personal priorities.   That is the case with the role I occupy at Tribune.  The seemingly endless wheel of travel has created a difficult situation for me and for my family.  I am not one to compromise on what I hold important and this position is causing me to compromise far too often.  After much discussion with Larry, I am stepping aside as SVP of News.

It was not an easy decision.  There are some very good people within Tribune, creating great news programming in a challenging environment.  I truly enjoyed working with you.  I wish you the very best of luck. 


Katherine Green